Checking and cleaning a GM Varajet carburettor

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The Varajet carburettor used on many Vauxhalls and Opels is a hybrid between fixed-jet and variable-jet (for example, SU) types. It is as sensitive to dirt and sediment as any fixed-jet carburettor, and needs careful cleaning about once a year.

GM Varajet carburettor Primary choke Partial-load needle Bomba del acelerador Needle valve Petrol intake Float and float chamber Vacuum pipe Secondary choke Throttle-to-choke linkage Automatic choke control

GM Varajet carburettor

The Varajet combines the operation of a variable-jet carburettor with that of a fixed-jet model. To keep the best performance, it needs a regular overhaul. You need no special tools, but take care to use screwdrivers which fit the screw heads correctly.

The Varajet has two chokes or barrels. The first, which works alone at low engine speeds, has a fixed-jet system. The second, which comes in at higher speeds, has a variable jet.

As with any carburettor, remove it from the car (See Removing a carburettor for cleaning) for cleaning. Wash parts in petrol, using lint-free rags to wipe them. Renew all gaskets. After reassembly, oil the external moving parts.