The new 2023 Ford Mustang: Speck and Features



For over half a decade, the Ford Mustang has constantly been improving. This latest version Comes with a 310-hp turbocharged inline-four EcoBoost engine as standard equipment and has the potential to get as wild as the 760-hp Shelby GT500 reviewed elsewhere. More conventional pony car enthusiasts will enjoy the Mustang GT fitted with a V-8 engine that delivers 450 horses underfoot.

You can get the four-cylinder or V-8 in a manual transmission or 10-speed automatic. Mustangs come as either a hardtop coupe or convertible, but every Mustang has power going to the rear wheels. You can upgrade to a High Performance 330-hp EcoBoost for the four-cylinder, but it's not necessary. The Mustang is best served with the growling V8 because that's what it was designed for. While its closest muscular rival, Chevy Camaro, might have a more ergonomic interior, Mustangs have better outward visibility and larger back seats--making them easier to live with in general.

Engine, Transmission, and Performance

The standard 310-hp turbocharged EcoBoost four-cylinder might have fewer cylinders than some of its predecessors, but it has just as much power, if not more. Likewise, the optional 330-hp High-Performance package adds a more melodic and responsive EcoBoost engine derived from the defunct Ford Focus RS. The optional EcoBoost Handling package also delivers racetrack readiness to the four-cylinder coupe.

The GT models boast a 450-hp V-8 with an optional active exhaust that gives the car a thunderous roar. Both of these engines pair with either a standard six-speed manual transmission or, for an extra boost in speed, a 10-speed automatic. With the track-focused Performance Pack Level 2 (PPL2) and the brilliant Bullitt model both put to rest, Mach 1 has taken on the mantle as best performing Mustang yet.

Even with the less powerful engines, the Mustang's chassis delivers a comfortable and controlled driving experience. The electrically assisted steering is appropriately light in Comfort mode and nicely weighted in the other two. The Mustang's brake pedal has touchy feeling to it that we felt was difficult to apply smoothly at lower speeds, but becomes easier as speed increases.

Fuel Economy and Real-World MPG

The most efficient Mustang has a turbocharged four-cylinder with a 10-speed automatic, which the EPA rated at 22 mpg in the city and 32 mpg on the highway. The V-8 Mustang was rated at 15 mpg in the city and 24 on the highway. In our testing, though, we found that the four-banger manual got24 mpg—7 fewer than its EPA rating. However, we also saw that the V-8 with an Automatic got 24mpg as well, matching its EPA number exactly. For more information about any discrepancies between our findings and those of others', visit

The EPA's website for clarification

Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

The Mustang's interior is an imaginative design that looks back to older Mustangs while also being useful and comfortable.Even though it comes with features like heated and cooled front seats, its less-than-fancy plastics and crowded back seats for Headless Horseman only are drawbacks. Its excellent performance along with ample cargo room makes the Mustang a great car to use every day.

The Mustang came in second place for carrying the most amount of carry-on luggage and had the most interior storage space out of all its rivals. The back seat can be stowed away by pulling a strap, and it folds down easily by hand. If you need to transport up to 12 carry-on bags, this car can do it. Additionally, the Ford has the biggest center console bin among all the competitors we tested.



Is there going to be a 2023 Ford Mustang?

What's New for 2023? In anticipation of the next-generation pony car, the 2023 Ford Mustang goes largely unchanged. The 2023 Mustang bookends the fifth generation S550 chassis and an all-new S650 Mustang will go on sale sometime in the summer of 2023 with new looks, more power, and a far more technology-savvy interior.

When can you order a 2023 Mustang?

When Can I Order A 2023 Ford 2023 Ford Mustang? The 2023 Ford Mustang is finally here! For those of you wondering, "When can I order a 2023 Ford Mustang?" the answer, right now! The 2023 Ford Mustang order banks are now open!

Which is better Mustang GT or V6?

While the high-performance Mustang GT is faster, the V6 version will reward you with a great balance of speed and efficiency.