2010 Jeep Liberty Informative car Review

Jeep Liberty

Vehicle overview

Awe-inspiring freedom makes our nation so special and cherished. Go wherever you desire, do anything that strikes your fancy and no one will interfere as long as you leave them be. This is the essence of liberty - a notion celebrated by New York with its iconic statue - but sadly, it's reputation has been tarnished by the 2010 Jeep Liberty SUV; deemed to be amongst the least attractive vehicles in this class of small crossovers.

The Liberty is a champion at off-road activities, endowed with an indestructible frame and extraordinary ground clearance alongside remarkable four-wheel drive systems. With these attributes, the Liberty can easily traverse through any terrain that would leave competitors like the Honda CR-V trembling in fear. Additionally, it has a maximum towing capacity of 5000 pounds - outmatching its urban counterparts by far!

When it comes to fuel economy and agility, the V6-powered Liberty falls far behind its competition. According to EPA testing results with 4WD, this vehicle only achieves 15 mpg in cities while other models like the RAV4 V6 manage 19/26 mpg. The interior of this car is also not up to par because of subpar materials quality.

Performance & mpg

If you're looking for off-road capability, the Jeep Liberty Sport and Limited offer two distinct 4WD systems -- Command-Trac or Selec-Trac. The Renegade only has access to Selec-Trac. A 3.7 liter V6 engine produces 210 horsepower, 235 pound feet of torque, and is mated with a four speed automatic transmission allowing up to 5,000 pounds in proper tow capacity! Performance testing revealed that the Liberty Limited was able to reach 0 - 60 mph in an impressive 9.5 seconds!


Antilock disc brakes, stability control, active front head restraints, electronic roll mitigation and side curtain airbags are all standard on the 2010 Jeep Liberty. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration awarded the Liberty a perfect five-star rating in both front and side-impact crashworthiness. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave the Liberty its highest rating of "Good" for frontal-offset impacts; however, the Liberty received the second-lowest "Marginal" rating for side crash protection.


The 2010 Jeep Liberty may provide a comfortable ride, however its on-road handling abilities fall short of expectation. The 3.7 Liter V6 engine produces anemic acceleration which can be primarily attributed to the deficiency in horsepower compared to other vehicles with similar size engines. Fortunately, due to its Jeep heritage and engineering, it still receives high marks for off-road capability despite these shortcomings on paved roads.


Is Jeep Liberty a reliable car?

Jeep tends to be middle of the pack in terms of reliability and the Jeep Liberty is no exception to this rule. The Liberty gets average reliability ratings—meaning that it might experience some problems within the first few years of ownership but it's pretty unlikely to break down completely.

What are the problems with Jeep Liberty?

The most reported problems with the Jeep Liberty were the fluid leaks, illuminating check engine lights, and misfires due to the faulty intake valves – and that's just a few of its mechanical woes. The Jeep Liberty was introduced and was technically the third generation of the Cherokee.

Do Jeep Libertys last long?

Typically, a Jeep Liberty can last anywhere from 10-15 years or 200,000 to 400,000 miles. Of course, how you drive and maintain your Jeep can have a big impact on how long your vehicle lasts.