Vehicle adhesives and sealants

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Using adhesives and sealants Bearing and stud adhesive can be used to help lock bearings and studs in position. Superglue is best used for sticking on badges and plastic mouldings. Bush adhesive can be used to tighten up a component, such as a dipstick tube, that has come loose in its casing. Bonding glue is a general-purpose adhesive for gluing metal, glass, wood and plastic. Repair putty is used for fixing cracked or leaking casings. Sealant is used for repairing leaky weatherseals. Glass adhesive allows you to stick on an interior mirror that has fallen off.

Using adhesives and sealants

A vast range of sealants and adhesives are available for repairing many different components in your car.

Plastics, wood, rubber, glass and metals can all be repaired using adhesives. Sealants can be used to waterproof weatherseals around windows, while cracks in metal casings can be sealed with a special putty adhesive.

You do not always need to replace a component that is worn, damaged or broken. There is an increasingly wide range of sealants and adhesives in car accessory shops that allow you to make satisfactory repairs, thus saving the cost of buying a new component.

Bearing / stud adhesives Glass adhesive Sealants (mastics) Repair puttys Superglues Bonding glues Bush adhesives