Car aerodynamics

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As the cost of petrol rises, car manufacturers are taking more and more care in designing their cars to be fuel efficient.

Aerodynamic car features Flush glass Recessed wipers Door handles Rear body line Smooth wheel trims Sealed engine bay apertures Smooth underbody Bumper with integral spoiler Low sloping nose Flush headlights

Aerodynamic car features

Modern cars share common aspects of design because different manufacturers' designers have arrived at the same conclusions from independent research. It is now accepted that certain shapes and features give the best aerodynamics — one reason why many modern cars tend to look the same.

One aspect of car design that plays a part in saving fuel is aerodynamic efficiency - in other words, making sure a car meets as little resistance as possible from the air it travels through. The more aerodynamically efficient it is, the less fuel it will use to travel along at any given speed. The faster the car moves, the more important it is to keep the air resistance - drag - to a minimum.

Drag coefficient