Are LED Upgrade Bulbs Road Legal ?

Let’s start with the short answer: Technically, LED upgrade bulbs are not road legal.

To find out why we need to delve into the specifics of the legislation…a boring job but we’ve done it for you! (section 4 & 5) states that dipped beam and main beam headlights are required to have an approval mark (usually E mark) or a British Standard mark. For nearly every other application on your vehicle, an approval mark is also required.

The legislation is quite detailed and in-depth so we won’t go into it all here. But for example, stop lamp bulbs are required by law to operate between 15 and 36 watts. The full legislation that covers halogen and filament bulbs is ECE Regulation 37 and is 217 pages long!

This may feel like the legislation is a bit pedantic but it’s worth noting that these rules are in place for your safety and the safety of others on or near the roadside.

That’s Fine, Just E Mark the LED Upgrade Bulb.